Big cultural-musical tour “THANK YOU, ARGENTINA” – Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay


Exactly 10 years ago AVE and guests – Helena Blagne (first lady of Slovene pop music), Robert Goter (world champion in playing the diatonic accordion), and Vinko Šimek (moderator and comedian) – have successfully performed in Australia.

After ten years AVE band from Velenje is, again, going on a grand tour, this time across the South American states. They will visit Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. The tour will be held with the help of The Office for Slovenians Abroad of Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture, and within the framework of economic diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The tour is supported by several sponsors, who will be published in a TV coverage.

The leader of the AVE band Rajko Djordjevič has been working with the Slovenian octet when they were performing in Argentina. Then, the idea for AVE to visit the country was born. Years of discussion with the coordinator Milan Keržič finally paid off and the tour will happen between 8th October and 3rd November 2015. The performance programme will in the first part be quite diverse and will have a strong emotional charge; there will be no lack of tears and laughter. The second part will be more entertaining – each performer will execute their international show programme, which will please all generations. Places and dates of the performances are published in the attachment.

All happening on the tour will be recorded by the VTV television crew, which will make a documentary film, and report to Slovenia during the tour.

All concerts will be free of charge for the visitors, because artists gave up their fees. However, it is expected to sell lots of records at concerts.

The band AVE has published a new album for this occasion with the title song “Thank you, Argentina”, which will undoubtedly be a hit of the tour. The inspiration for the song came to Rajko Djordjevič while listening to a life story of an Argentinian Slovene Milan Keržič, who had to leave Slovenia as a child, and Argentina offered him a chance to create a new home. Damian Ahlin translated the song to Spanish. Both lyrics are in the attachment.

All artists are looking forward to the tour for being organisationally and logistically one of the biggest tours of Slovene artists abroad.

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