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Velenje’s band AVE is one the oldest Slovenian pop rock bands. It’s story begins in 1971, when Rajko Djordjevič and Mišo Melanšek established the group. In 1973 the group already performed at the Ljubljana Boom festival, and in 1974 it represented Slovenia at the Youth rock festival in Subotica with a song Vračam se, vračam. In 1975 some personnel changes have happened and the band turned in a rock direction. The band played at the time of great Yugoslav bands, such as YU grupa, Time, Bijelo dugme, Parni valjak, Teška industrija, Smak, and others. The band, as the first professional Slovenian band, travelled with their distinctive and recognizable Ave Bus across the former Yugoslavia and performed in all ex-republics.


By the end of the 70’s the band’s members changed, however, Rajko Djordjevič, Mišo Melanšek and Leon Ferme never left the group. The first recordings were made in the mid 70’s. Then, the first vinyl singles were published: Belo telo/Ti si tajna (1976), Druže Tito/Bilečanka (1977), Žabja svatba/Kdo je kriv (1978) and Zakaj so vsi pozabili/Ja sviram rock’n’roll (1979). Songs were also published on the Boom festival 73 and Subotica 1974 compilations. Their music has evolved from folk rock to hard and symphonic rock. A violinist has been a part of the band, which was a rarity in that time. In the early 80’s the band stopped working, and the members focused on different personal, professional, and musical careers.


After 25 years the band got back together. First the band played in the original line-up, then after some performances they rejuvenated the band with an excellent singer and guitarist Sergej Škofljanc. The following four years were extremely active and productive, as the band published 2 albums (Igral bom za zabavo and Tu sem doma) and some singles. In April 2006 the band’s first album Igral bom za zabavo was released, and was initially promoted at the performances in Australia, and after returning at home.


There are fourteen songs on the album, including some old as remakes. In 2006 a single Vi ste heroji was released, and was accepted as their anthem by the Slovenian Olympic Committee. The band also made an anthem for the Velenje’s soccer team Rudar. In 2007 they released a double single Ti si usojena mi and Drugačen svet, and in 2008 a single Moje mesto. In June 2008 the second album Tu sem doma was published; it has eleven songs of the author Rajko Djordjevič.


In 2007 Municipality Velenje awarded Ave with a high municipality award at a municipal holiday. Ave was presented with a plaque for success in the music industry and the development of the pop-rock culture in the Šaleška valley.

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Today, in the Ave band are Rajko Djordjevič (guitar, vocals), Mišo Melanšek (bass, vocals), Leon Ferme (drums), Sergej Škofljanec (guitars, keyboards, vocals) in Matej Kovše (keyboards, vocals).